Saturday, May 22, 2010

Google Outfits (a.k.a. Shilling for the Man)

I dressed the babies (at 4 1/2 months) for their Google outfit close-up. The only piece of Google swag I didn't put on them was their super cute "I'm feeling hungry" Google bibs (that would have covered up their onesies). It was tempting to have them wear their Google outfits a month earlier for their big Google visit, but we went with their evil twin outfits and hoodies instead.

Mark sent the top photo out to his co-workers with the note:

I referred a couple eng candidates. They received great marks for Googliness but, unfortunately, in all other respects they absolutely bombed the phone screen.

Even though they probably weren't the first candidates to cry during the interview, the interviewer also faulted them for "lack of focus and excessive wiggly-ness". Julia didn't do herself any favors by insisting on talking into the earpiece and James really needs to bone up on algorithms-- his attempts at a fairly straightforward graph problem were, frankly, laughable.

Better luck to the rest of you!

Whatever nerd speak that is.

Google Smurf?


  1. Your blog was recommended to me by a friend (Marianne), because I'm expecting identical twins in the fall. They'll be my #3 and #4 kids. I love seeing your pics and hearing about your experiences! I just wanted to say, too, that the pics with this post are great. How in the world did you manage to get two babies to look at the camera and smile at the same time??!! Priceless!

  2. Wow - 4 kids and 2 will be new twins. You will have your hands full. I think Marianne said you're in Morgan Hill, but you should consider joining Gemini Crickets. They have lots of great resources (forums for questions, forums for finding twin equipment - I just got two Bumbo chairs today for free). The membership pays for itself in getting free used twin stuff (but you might be okay seeing that you already have two babies).

    I'm glad you like the blog and pics! It's been a challenge getting them to smile at the same time, but it's been getting easier (though still tricky) the last few weeks. I have to make sure no one else is in the room (no distractions for them!).

    Please let me know if you ever have any specific twin questions. I have an EZ Nursing Pillow for twins I need to get rid of if you want it.