Saturday, May 29, 2010


Mark and I already took the twins around Google so, at the beginning of May, I decided to show them around my work. (At that time, it was still my work since I had few weeks of unpaid maternity leave remaining, but not long after this I told my employer that I would not be returning. Nanny care would have obliterated my salary so economically it made sense for me to stay home with the twins. We also thought it was best that babies be at home with me during their formative years when they're sponges soaking up the world around them. We are very lucky that we are able to do that.)

Anyway, I put James and Julia in their finest formal wear to parade around my work. It's no fun showing off your baby girl unless she's wearing a ridiculously oversized bow. Here's what they wore:

James, the emcee. (Actually he went pantsless. Tres risque!)

Julia. (Her shirt says "this is my little black dress.")

James and Julia, ready to go to the brother/sister prom. (Don't they have those in Alabama?)

The twins were asleep when I visited Marketing (my department), but then I took them out of their stroller so they could be passed around like groupies at a Rolling Stones concert. James cried very briefly at the end of the visit, but unfortunately while in the vast area where the brokers sit. I held him the rest of the time which is why there are more pictures of Julia with my co-workers.

Lindy with Julia

The ladies (well, Julia) love Sean

Lindy holds James while he contemplates my boss Sabine

Lindy and Sean with the twins

Val says, "I'm taking her to girls night out!" Julia practices her look for when an ugly baby tries to hit on her.

"You like margaritas, right?"

Tiffany and Pauline hold the twins

Picasa tried to identify the person in the tiny frame behind Pauline and Julia!

Julia & Julia. That's a good name for a crime fighting show. One's a Romanian real estate broker who knows the ropes. The other is her rookie partner with unusual but effective methods (like pooping her pants). Together they're Julia & Julia.

"I'll start fighting crime after I finish drooling."

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