Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Do You Like Them Newborn Photos?

Do you remember our beautiful maternity photos taken by our friend and professional photographer, Sophie (Sophia Field Photography)? Well, we returned to see her for newborn photos (babies' first trip to San Francisco!) in January. (See my Yelp review!) How lucky are we to have a friend who specializes in maternity and newborn photos? At one hour each way, the trip from San Jose to San Francisco is still the twins' longest car ride by far. Thankfully they slept both ways.

She suggested we visit her within three weeks after the twins were born because, after that, babies start to lose their newborn-ness. Well, we made it there a month and a day after they were born, hoping their prematurity would (for once) give them an advantage.

She said not to worry - that she knew we'd have to feed them and there would be crying. She was used to it and patient. Very patient. James was pretty game for photos (still is), but Julia kept crying. And then when we took a family photo of the four of us she slept through it!

Watch as James looks like a different baby in nearly every picture.

I think this is the best photo of all.

Mark and James

We bought solid color onesies for the occasion. The smallest size I could find was 0-3 months and you can see they're swimming in them.

My dad's favorite photo. He calls this "Popeye."

Me and James

Julia looks like some sort of an evil tree elf!

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  1. Oh man, that evil tree elf photo is awesome!