Monday, November 9, 2009

My Mom Keeps Calling Me Violet Beauregarde with Good Reason

She says I need to be juiced!

Instead of the delivery room she thinks I should have Oompa Loompas take me to Wonka's juicing room. (Oompa Loompas: No creepier than zombie gynecologist.)

Maybe it's because I now look like this:

Left: 9/29 (25 weeks; Mark: 5 3/4 months; Kathy: 6 months)
Right: 10/18 (28 weeks; Mark: 6 1/2 months; Kathy:6 3/4 months)

Note: Mark thinks the months should follow the Gregorian calendar, and while I agree in theory, pregnant ladies seem to all go by a 4 week month culminating in a 10 month/40 week pregnancy. I'm including these numbers so you'll be able to compare me against other pregnant chicks.

There are three weeks between the pictures above instead of two like I did before because I was in the hospital. I learned my lesson and after that started taking photos once a week (instead of once every two) because you never know...
Left:10/24 (29 weeks; Mark: 6 3/4 months; Kathy:7 months)
Right: 11/01 (30 weeks; Mark: 7 months; Kathy: 7 1/4 months)

And the latest. Drumroll please...




11/07 (31 weeks; Mark: 7 months; Kathy: 7 1/2 months)

Here's me in August and September.

Here's me in June and July.

At my last appointment zombie gynecologist measured my belly and said I was at term size... if I was carrying one baby.


  1. Wow, Kathy! How can one little body hold so much baby!!?? You look great!

  2. Awwww thanks! I keep thinking I can't get any bigger and then of course I do. I can't imagine how big I'd be if I went to 40 weeks like single-carrying moms.

  3. Holy, Kathy. That's incredible!!

    So, moms of twins usually deliver early, right? How much earlier, normally?

  4. Icyblue, twins ideally arrive around 36 weeks or after. I was told a month early but some articles I'm finding online recommend 38-39 weeks (40 weeks is the regular due date).

    However, having multiples puts you at a greater risk for pre term labor. A twin mom I know gave birth at 36 weeks but told me among twin moms she knew she was the only one to make it that far.

    Stay in there, little guys!

  5. i won't lie, my jaw just dropped (and dropped) once i realized that your 6 mos pictures were NOT the most recent. i am so impressed! seriously, after reading your posts, i think you are doing great. i know it can't be easy. congrats on just being an awesome pregnant chick.

  6. Shanayna - Aw thanks! That's so sweet of you to say!

    I'm always surprised that the twins can find more room to grow in there. It's cool to see my belly rolling on its own from their kicking and turning over.

    I have a new belly pic coming on the blog tonight (next to a rebuttal from Mark)...